Amy Daly

Photo of Amy Daly Customer Success Manager

Early Passion for Automobiles

Born and raised in New England, Amy Daly developed a love for the automotive world at an early age. Growing up surrounded by race cars, engines, and the smell of motor oil, her passion set the stage for her journey.

Education and Early Career

Amy first earned her A.S. in Computer and Information Systems in 2008 then continued to further her education in 2013 graduating with her B.S. degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix, all while working full-time and raising a daughter at home. The start of her career in the auto industry began many years before expanding into technical support, with a role in telemarketing at Southern Auto Auction where she quickly demonstrated a unique ability to blend technical expertise with a customer-centric approach.

Paving the Way in Customer Support

In 2019, Amy joined PartsTech Inc. as a Customer Support Representative. Her dedication to an empathetic approach to resolving customer issues efficiently propelled her through the ranks. Recognizing her exceptional skills, she was appointed as the Director of Customer Support in 2021, a position she held with pride.

Transformative Leadership

As the Director of Customer Support, Amy built out the job functions and processes for not only the support team, but also multiple individual roles, all while overseeing a dedicated team, serving the bar high for customer service excellence. Her leadership style is characterized by her resilience, authenticity, accountability, collaboration, and empowerment, cultivating a culture where each team member is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Driving Innovation in Customer Care
Known for her forward-thinking approach, Amy has implemented innovative customer support strategies throughout her team, integrating technology into the customer support experience, bettering the overall performance of the processes. Her initiatives have resolved issues promptly and bettering PartsTech Inc.’s position to become an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

Balancing Passion and Precision

Outside of the fast-paced world of customer support, Amy finds solace in the outdoors and spending ;me with her family. She enjoys hiking and watching her daughter march in the UMass Minutemen Marching Band. Yes, she is a proud band parent and a previous band member herself who supports all things arts and music. She brings the same passion and precision to her personal life as she does to all her professional endeavors.