August 21, 2023

Auto Care Association State Government Affairs Update: August 11, 2023

by Tod Moore, manager, advocacy and grassroots

what's moving?

  • Maine SP 847, a bill to carry over certain matters from the first special session of the 131st Legislature, including right to repair, was introduced in the Senate.

  • state news this week:

    Eight state legislatures are in regular session.

    • Louisiana's heated gubernatorial race is gaining momentum as Republican front-runner Attorney General Jeff Landry, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, faces accusations of bullying and backroom dealings from fellow candidates. Landry remains unfazed by the attacks, asserting confidence in his campaign while state Senator Sharon Hewitt (R-Slidell), the sole female candidate, officially joins the race. She has criticized Landry's support for controversial laws and highlighted her priorities of education improvement and revitalizing the state to keep families from leaving.
    • Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has secured the Republican nomination for a second term, positioning him to face Democratic candidate Brandon Presley in the upcoming general election. Reeves, known for his conservative stance on issues such as COVID-19 restrictions and taxation, will also contend with independent candidate Gwendolyn Gray, who prioritizes poverty alleviation, in the November 7th election. Despite Mississippi’s strong Republican lean, Reeves’ unpopularity and Presley’s moderate platform have led to speculation that Democrats may have a chance at flipping the governor’s office.
    • Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) has signed a $56 billion state budget for fiscal year 2024, which includes significant policy changes and spending increases. Notably, the budget permanently offers free school meals to all students and allocates revenue from a surtax on high earners to fund education and transportation, including the launch of a program supporting free community college for older students.

    statehouse automobile reports

    • New York has implemented automatic enrollment in expanded auto insurance coverage, raising concerns over inclusion of unmarried drivers. The recently-enacted state law mandates the inclusion of all drivers, including millions of unmarried individuals, into an enhanced auto insurance framework allowing for spousal liability lawsuits. However, potential issues of practicality and fairness have emerged, prompting discussions around potential amendments.
    • Minnesota has enacted new legislation to combat rising theft of catalytic converters, imposing penalties on illegal sales and possession while mandating stricter record-keeping for scrap metal dealers. The law has contributed to a significant reduction in thefts, with law enforcement officials attributing the decline to increased public awareness and effective policy measures.
    • Louisiana approved a 17.3% car insurance rate increase for State Farm, impacting over a million drivers. State Farm cited inflation, labor costs, and expensive repairs as driving factors. The increase follows a nationwide trend, with auto insurance prices rising by an average of 17% in the first half of the year, driven by factors like increasing auto part costs and record-breaking losses for insurers.
    • The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the upcoming funding round for the state's Electric Vehicle Rebate Program, from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. Individuals purchasing new or used all-electric vehicles from licensed dealers within Illinois can apply for rebates within 90 days of purchase, with priority given to low-income applicants as part of the state's Climate and Equitable Jobs Act initiative.
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