March 24, 2023

Auto Care Weekly State Government Affairs Update: Mar. 23, 2023

by Tod Moore, Manager, Advocacy and Grassroots

Agriculture, electronic and appliance right to repair bills are moving this week in the states.

What's Moving

  • Florida SB 422, a right to repair bill for agricultural equipment - Was heard in the Agriculture Committee and given a favorable report out. The bill is now in the Commerce and Tourism Committee. The Auto Care Association has submitted an amendment request to each committee.
  • Vermont H 81, a bill on right to repair for agricultural equipment - Is being heard by the House Agriculture Committee this week, with deliberations ongoing for 5 days.
  • Colorado HB 23-1011, a right to repair bill for farm vehicles - Has been amended and passed both the House and Senate. The Senate is now considering the bill with added amendments.
  • New Jersey A 4784, requires manufacturers to stamp VIN on catalytic converters sold in the state - Has been reported out of the Assembly Health Committee with amendments.
  • Texas HB 4424, would create exemptions for obtaining a title requirement on certain vehicles - Has been introduced and referred to the Transportation Committee this week.
  • Oklahoma HB 2244, would authorize that dealer management system providers provide certain actions and prevents them from taking certain actions -  Passed the House on a 95 – 0 vote and has been sent to the Senate.
  • Idaho H 142, would amend the current law to change penalties for catalytic converter theft - Has passed the House and has been referred to the Senate Commerce and Human Resources Committee.
  • Texas SB 432, would increase the penalty for catalytic converter theft - Has been heard in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee but was left pending without votes.
  • California SB 244, a right to repair act for electronics and appliances - Has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be heard on April 11.
  • Kansas HB 2326, would extend the sunset date on scrap metal theft reduction and add catalytic converters to the act - The bill has gotten a favorable Committee report out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Arkansas HB 1365, would amend current law to create offenses for catalytic converter theft - Has been signed into law by the Governor.
  • Rhode Island HB 5731, which puts restrictions on insurers regarding used parts - Was supposed to be heard on the 17th, but the bill is being put on hold for further study.
State News This Week

All states are in session, except for Utah, Wyoming, Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Virginia

The New Mexico legislature adjourned for the year last week, with a tax package providing residents with $500 rebate checks. In addition, the package included tax cuts for personal income less than $66,500 and will cost the state $1.1 billion in revenue once it gets phased in.

Lawmakers in Alabama have concluded a special session on American Rescue Plan funding and will resume their regular session. Governor Kay Ivey (R) has signed a plan into law that would allocate funding toward infrastructure projects, like water and sewer infrastructure and toward healthcare services.

The Maryland legislature is coming up on their crossover deadline, meaning a bill that has not passed its house of origin is considered dead for this session. The legislature adjourns on April 10, and the crossover day is on March 27.

An article was written about Maryland HB 1193 and the organizations that testified in support, naming the Auto Care Association and quoting Dynamic Automotive CEO Dwayne Myers, as well as others who testified on March 8.

Legislation We're Tracking

We are currently tracking 182 pieces of state legislation. Here are the bills we are watching closely: 


Bill Number




SB 244

Right to Repair Act

Referred to the Judiciary Committee, hearing set for April 11.


AB 473

This bill would prohibit additional acts, including allocating vehicles, parts, accessories, and other items inconsistent with specified standards. The bill would also require the board to make a franchisor’s vehicle allocation schedule available for inspection by any franchisee.

Has been re-referred to the Committee on Transportation.


HB 23-1118

Fair Workweek Employment Standards

Has been postponed indefinitely in the Business Affairs and Labor Committee.


HB 23-1011

Consumer Right to Repair Agricultural Equipment

The House has rejected Senate amendments and the bill is going to a conference committee.


SB 60

Secondary Metals Recyclers; it shall be illegal for certain persons to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell or attempt to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell

Has passed the House Judiciary Committee and will be sent to the House floor.


SB 70

Secondary Metals Recyclers; it shall be illegal for certain persons to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell or attempt to purchase, possess, obtain, or sell; provide

Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.


HB 53

Right-to-repair; Digital Electronic Equipment; Repairs; Original Equipment Manufacturers

Committee recommends the bill is deferred


HB 1287

Relating to the Right to Repair

Was referred to the House Consumer Protection and Commerce and the Finance Committees.


HB 920

Consumer Protection - Motor Vehicle Glass Repair or Replacement - Advanced Driver Assistance System Recalibration

Has passed the House and referred to the Senate Finance Committee.


HB 1193

Consumer Protection - Motor Vehicles - Right to Repair

The Auto Care Association testified in support on 3/8. Votes are still being determined.


HD 557

An Act Relative To Disclosure Notice In The Right To Repair Motor Vehicle Data Law

Draft Filed


HD 2473

An Act Establishing The Fair Calculation Of Labor Rates Paid By Insurance Companies To Auto Repairers In The Commonwealth.



S 142

An Act Relative to Digital Right to Repair

Referred to the Senate Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure.


HB 698

Changes the laws regarding consumer products so that certain individuals and businesses have a right to repair information from certain manufacturers

Referred to the House General Laws Committee.


HB 532

Modifies provisions relating to keeping records for the sale of certain materials

Was voted out of Committee in Executive Session with a "Do Pass" recommendation.


HB 555

Establishes the offense of unlawful possession of a detached catalytic converter

Bill has been postponed.


LB 782

Change provisions relating to salvage branded certificates of title and consumer care of motor vehicles

Amended in the Transportation and Communications Committee

New Mexico

SB 50

Right to Repair Act

The bill has passed both chambers, but has not been signed into law by the Governor.

New Jersey

A 3612

Concerns Right to Repair Farm Equipment and Lawn Mowers

Referred to the Assembly Agriculture and Food Security Committee.

New York

A 210

In the repair of a collision damaged motor vehicle, no motor vehicle repair shop or insurer shall deviate from the collision repair guidelines, procedures, recommendations and service bulletins...

Referred to the Insurance Committee.

New York

A 2263

Requires motor vehicle repair shops to disclose certain information to customers

Referred to the Assembly Transportation Committee.


SB 542

Relating to a right to repair consumer electronic equipment; prescribing an effective date.

Will be considered in a Senate work session.

Rhode Island

HB 5731

An Act Relating To Insurance -- Motor Vehicle Replacement Parts (Defines A Used Part And Creates Standards For Use Of Used Parts In Damaged Motor Vehicles, For Motor Vehicle Replacement Parts

Recommended by the Committee to be held for further consideration.

Rhode Island

HB 5841

An Act Relating To Commercial Law -- General Regulatory Provisions -- Purchase And Sale Of Precious Metals

Recommended by the Committee to be held for further consideration.


SB 1083

Relating to insurer restrictions and duties regarding repair of a

motor vehicle covered under an insurance policy

Referred to the Senate Business and Commerce Committee


HB 3476

Relating to insurer restrictions and duties regarding repair of a

motor vehicle covered under an insurance policy.

Referred to the House Insurance Committee


S 46

An act relating to the Vermont Fair Repair Act

Referred to the Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs


Statehouse Automobile Reports

The European Union proposed a right to repair rule that would require manufacturers to repair goods if it costs the same or less than a replacement in an effort to go green. The proposal will also allow that consumers demand that firms fix their products within 10 years of the purchase, even if it is no longer under warranty.

State Attorney Generals wrote a letter demanding that Hyundai and Kia to take greater action on car thefts since certain models of their cars have been targeted by thieves. Along with California, the states that signed the AG letter to the car makers are Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin, along with the District of Columbia.

Audi is looking to expand production into the United States due to the electric vehicle tax subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act. The company will be reviewing and considering which states in the US to open up their plant.

Tennessee is welcoming companies that are innovating in electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations. The state applied for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure formula program back in 2022, which would provide $5 billion in federal funding for EV chargers.

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