Joe Thomas

Photo of Joe Thomas Global Aftermarket Catalog Manager
Sensata Technologies

Joe Thomas is going on 23 years in the Automotive Aftermarket and has been passionate about repairing and customizing vehicles his entire life. Joe is currently the Global Aftermarket Catalog Manager for Sensata Technologies, with 7 years in the content management space in various roles. At Sensata, his team is responsible for researching, maintaining, and syndicating product and fitment information in various regional and customer specific standards.

Joe recently has been appointed to the Technology Standards Committee (TSC), of which he was an active TSC workgroup participant before accepting a seat on the committee. He also actively participates in AASA's Automotive Technology Council (ATC) think tanks and conferences. Joe formally was the Vice-Chair of the Young Auto Care Networking Group (YANG).

Joe's participation in the industry is driven by his passion for helping us all do better together and most importantly to sell more parts.

About Sensata Technologies
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Since 2002, Sensata has led the world in pressure and temperature sensing. With the mission of improving performance, increasing safety and reducing emissions, our sensors and switches can detect pressure, temperature and on/off controls for a variety of applications (Engine, Exhaust after-treatment, Transmission, Cabin Comfort, Chassis, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Active Safety)