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Media Kit

The Women in Auto Care logo is available for download as a ZIP file where you can find design source files, PNG and JPG versions. Please review our style guide for logo use before downloading. For any questions, please contact Jessica Finnerty.

We encourage you to use our Women in Auto Care digital media content including graphics developed for social media use.

Copy code below to use Proud Women in Auto Care Member badge logo
<img src="https://www.autocare.org/uploadedImages/Autocareorg/WiAC-Member-Badge.png" alt="Proud Women in Auto Care Member" />

Copy code below to use I Support Women in Auto Care logo
<img src="https://www.autocare.org/uploadedImages/Autocareorg/I-Support-WiAC-Badge.png" alt="I Support Women in Auto Care" />

Newsletter Issues

March 23, 2020:  Women in Auto Care VOICES - Issue #1

April 24, 2020: Special Broadcast: Community Resources and Support

May 14, 2020: Women in Auto Care VOICES - Issue #2

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Women in Auto Care Podcasts

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