manufacturers' representatives

manufacturers' representatives


To support and promote the interests, image and value of the Auto Care Association’s manufacturers’ representative member firms and to provide opportunities to enhance their professional skills and implement best practices.

Why should you join REPS?

The Auto Care Association offers your auto care market company a number of opportunities that can assist you in improving your profits and bottom line. Through many services and benefits, the Auto Care Association and the Manufacturers’ Representatives segment:
  • Provides a platform for manufacturers’ representatives to address common concerns affecting their profession.
  • Provides a forum to develop strategies and programs designed for the special needs of the representatives.
  • Provides a tool for manufacturers to seek manufacturer reps based on their distinct requirements through Rep Finder.

REPS Segment Committee

Committee Chair 
Tom Kitchin, Kitchin & Sons, Inc., Richmond, IN 

Committee Vice Chair 
Mike Boyer, Tasco Sales Reps, Memphis, TN

Committee Members  
  • Mark Adin, PSKB Inc., Memphis, TN
  • Jack D. Ancich, Trans-Western Marketing, Fife, WA
  • Hunter Brack, Hirsig-Frazier Company, Inc., Richardson, TX
  • John Crimmins, Benton Park Properties, Bentonville, AR
  • Adam Crisp, Grant Brothers Sales Limited, Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Tim Dickson, Schnair Sales & Service, Dallas, TX
  • Steve Dresser, Hirsig-Frazier Company, Inc., Richardson, TX  
  • Jim Fitzmaurice, Repforce Inc., Aston, PA
  • John Grant, Grant Brothers Sales Limited, Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Christopher Hanlon, Schnair Sales & Service, Dallas, TX
  • Chris Johnson, Aftermarket Partners, Inc., San Diego, CA
  • Paul Kokkinos, RPS Marketing, Simi Valley, CA
  • Jeff McHale, Braas/Creech, Inc., Kenmore, WA
  • Dave Shapiro, SRS Marketing Company, Inc., Southampton, PA  
  • Gary Swarberg, Pacific Marketing, Tustin, CA
  • Chris Williams, N.A. Williams Company, Atlanta, GA 

Committee Liaison

Jessica Fainberg, Auto Care Association

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