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Election to the Hall of Fame represents the highest honor bestowed by the Import Vehicle Community. It is recognition of an exceptional lifetime of achievement and service to the automotive aftermarket and its people.

The Import Vehicle Community presented the 2018 Hall of Fame Award to:

W. Michael “Mike” Brown, president emeritus, Olympus Imported Auto Parts, retired

Mike’s entire career has been in the import aftermarket. Prior to Olympus, Mike worked at Hansa Products as a driver, warehouse and dispatcher. After college, Mike became a counterman for Olympic Imported Parts in 1978. He advanced to store manager and by 1986, had purchased the company, then a single store with 20 employees and five vehicles. His philosophy has been that the aftermarket, not the OE dealers, should set the standard for quality in parts and distribution effectiveness, and Olympus strives daily to fulfill that goal.

The next 30 years was focused on growing Olympus from that single store location with $2 million in revenues, to a regional force as an import warehouse distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region with eight locations, 170 employees and $26 million in revenues.


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Barry Cohn (2002)

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Karl Flicker

Karl H. Flicker (2004)

James A. Law

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Bill Babcox (2007)

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Hans Bierdümpfel (2010)

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Ira Davis (2017)


Martin “Marty” Gold (2017)

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