Data Standards for Heavy Duty

Data standards are guidelines for industry’s best practices for communicating and transmitting product information between heavy-duty aftermarket suppliers and its selling chain, comprising major heavy-duty buying groups, resellers, service centers, and fleets.

With the 20 years of expertise in providing aftermarket product data standards, the Heavy Duty expansion of the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) covers 9k+ components and 50K+ attributes. It can reduce the “cost of doing business” up to 20%. This means a potential profits improvement of 2-3%.

20 product categories will be available

Brakes   Charging System   Cranking System   Air Conditioning, Heating &Ventilating System
Front Steer Axle Wheel End Components   Ignition System   Frame Components   Supplemental Information Devices
Axles - Front Steering   Exhaust System   Suspension   Full System
Axles - Non-Driven, Rear   Axles - Driven, Front Steering   Cooling System   Power Plant
Axles - Driven, Rear   Lighting System   Air Intake System   Modules/Relays - Electrical

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