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The 536,000 businesses in the auto care industry form a coast-to-coast network of independent automotive aftermarket manufacturers, distributors, repair shops, marketers and retailers small and large. At its core, this integrated grid of professionals is dedicated to providing the quality parts, products and vehicle service and repair for all 280 million cars and trucks on the road today.

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But the industry is far more than our total number of businesses. We represent choice: because drivers should be free to decide for themselves Registered Cars and Drivers 2019where to go for car care, even if it means their own driveway or garage. We represent innovation: working relentlessly to provide parts and service designed to last longer, perform better and keep you safe. And when we say “independence drives us,” it means your independence as well as ours. We aren’t dedicated to just one kind of vehicle—we’re dedicated to every vehicle. The auto care industry keeps cars moving so we can keep lives moving.

Further details about our dynamic industry are outlined in our State of the Auto Care Industry Report.

About the association

The Auto Care Association is the voice of the $392 billion plus auto care industry. We provide advocacy, educational, networking, technology, market intelligence and communications resources to serve the collective interests of our members. Auto Care Association serves the entire supply chain of the automotive aftermarket: nearly 3,000 member companies that represent 150,000 businesses in the industry that manufacture, distribute and sell motor vehicle parts, accessories, tools, equipment, materials and supplies, and perform vehicle service, maintenance and repair.

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