My login credentials for EnhancedStandard no longer work!

We synced the VIP system with your Auto Care Association credentials in effort to reduce the number of usernames and passwords you track associated with Auto Care products. This means the same login credentials you use to enter the Auto Care Association website will give you access to the new VIP system (these credentials may be different than your credentials). If you update your password on the Auto Care website, you will use the updated password for VIP. 

Please visit In the upper right corner, click 'LOGIN'. Enter your username (email) and password and verify you can log into the site. If you do not remember the username associated with the account or your password, please use the 'forgot your username?' or 'forgot your password?' links next to the Log In button.

If you have never logged into this site, please use 'create a new account'. Follow the steps provided. If you are still unable to log in, please contact

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