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The Auto Care Association develops and maintains data standards, best practices, and data research tools to help keep the vehicle and equipment aftermarket industry supply chains running smoothly and their customers satisfied. Click the product icons below to learn more about how Auto Care Association data standards and research tools can help your company!


UniLink is the global vehicle identifier that gives you a quick, effective way to connect you to new business opportunities and to optimize your supply chains. UniLink. Your link to the global marketplace.


  The Vehicle Information Portal (VIP) system serves as an umbrella for many of the Association’s technology products.  

acesThe Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) is the North American industry standard for the management and exchange of automotive catalog applications data. ACES utilizes the databases contained within the VIP system.
piesThe Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) is the best practice for the management and exchange of product attribute information in the vehicle auto care industry. PIES utilizes the databases contained within the VIP system.
vcdbThe Vehicle Configuration database (VCdb) is a fully normalized, relational database of vehicle configurations for passenger cars and light trucks sold in the US, Canada and Mexico.
padbThe Product Attribute database (PAdb) is an auto care industry standard reference database to be used in conjunction with PIES.

The Product Classification database (PCdb) codes are central to the exchange of electronic catalog application data and serve to classify and categorize application records

qdbA Qualifier Database (Qdb) is supplied to help standardize terminology within the industry and reduce the number of potentially confusing free-text expressions found in applications..
brand tableBrand Identification database is a coded table of brands, brand owners and their parent company names and is essential to automotive data and communication standards.
ipoInternet Parts Ordering (IPO) is an industry standard for the messages and information flow required to locate, inquire about availability and order products online.
ishopiShop is a set of computer interface standards that allows vehicle service equipment, management software and information servers to communicate seamlessly in the shop environment.
super specSuper Spec is an industry-specific definition of the EDI requirements needed to connect distributors and retailers with their manufacturers and suppliers in the aftermarket.


The Association manages technology products under the guidance of the Technology Standards Committee. The TSC is comprised of volunteer leaders who provide input and guidance to the association, and act as an industry sounding board. The TSC sets the direction and approves changes to the standards managed by the association. Keep up-to-date of TSC initiatives and changes to the standards by joining and reviewing  communifire. This is our industry platform to discuss the standards, changes, challenges, and direction.

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