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The Parts Attribute database (PAdb) is a standardized reference database to facilitate the management and exchange of information. The structure of the database ensures a high level of referential integrity and data validation.

As an impartial and industry‐sponsored arbiter of data, the role of the PAdb is not to provide specific content, but it does standardize, and therefore clarify, the description of the vehicle which is the subject of the data content being exchanged. A standard reference table allows for faster and less costly integration of data content from multiple sources.

PAdb Contains

For the more popular and high-volume products in the industry-standard Product Classification database, the PAdb defines one or more “Styles” of the product as well as the valid “Attributes” related to the product. Attributes are further defined by “Type”, “Valid Values” and other Metadata that ensures consistency and accuracy. Specifically, the PAdb contains attributes which deal with the working dimensions, material, color, and performance characteristics of a product. Performance characteristics could be rates of flow, horsepower, electrical characteristics, etc. A table containing a complete set of performance measurements is appended to this document.

PAdb Excludes

The PAdb DOES NOT CONTAIN any attributes which are already defined in other Autocare Association Standards, such as the Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) or the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES).

The PAdb also DOES NOT CONTAIN any attributes which might be considered subjective, such as product features, benefits, comparisons to other products. These types of attributes are considered Market Copy, and, as such, already have their own definitions in the PIES standard.

The PAdb also DOES NOT CONTAIN any attributes which might be considered proprietary, and expose formulations or engineering information.

It is the responsibility of suppliers to populate and provide Attribute information to their trading partners. The PAdb defines the method and data-types by product. The PAdb does not include the product attribute values for any specific supplier of automotive product.

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