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The Auto Care Association's Technology Minute videos provide an overview of the association’s widely-adopted data standards and best practices. Each video fosters understanding of the standards by presenting individual 60-second videos in simple, approachable terms appropriate for all audiences. Each video covers one component of the association’s technology standards, providing a brief introduction, a summary of what the component does and explaining how it works with the other standards in the technology suite. The videos are particularly useful for current users of the standards, both to teach how to best utilize the standards in your business lines and to help articulate the role of standards in your everyday work.

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Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES)
Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES)
Product Attribute Database (PAdb)
The Aftermarket Brand Table

Who uses ACES and PIES?
The VCdb: How do define a vehicle?
PCdb: What's in a name?

The Qualifier Database (Qdb)

Auto Care Vehicle Information Portal (VIP)

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