our green story

Driving toward a cleaner environment

The very purpose of the auto care industry is to provide the parts, products and services to keep America’s vehicles operating properly, efficiently, safely and cleanly. The auto care market contributes to better gas mileage, less energy consumption and cleaner air. For decades, the auto care market industry has practiced sustainability and has been “green” long before being “green” was mainstream. The Auto Care Association developed an outline of the project and set out to tell this story on behalf of its members and the entire industry.

Planting the seed

The Auto Care Association’s green initiative began with a survey of the industry to discover company practices already in place in the way of recycling, remanufacturing and operations. The survey and initiative were launched in Volume 62 of Auto Care Insider, SmartBrief and a variety of other industry-driven avenues, and the results were overwhelming. Using this information, we began to branch out with our green message.

The harvest

After months of research, survey analysis and the collection of anecdotal evidence, the Auto Care Association cultivated and organize the bounty of information submitted by the industry. It was time to tell the auto care market’s green story, beginning with Volume 68 of Auto Care Insider.

Spreading the word

The results of this important initiative, illustrating the industry’s widespread efforts on behalf of the environment, are being presented at meetings, events and online, and are consolidated into an ever-changing online portfolio (also available in print). A synopsis of the industry's efforts are available in a short "green snapshot," which highlights some of the auto care industry's most compelling green statistics. An aggressive PR effort with press releases, articles and news sharing the important story, is ongoing, to the industry and consumers.

Always growing

The auto care industry’s efforts on behalf of the environment are widespread and continuous, and the Auto Care Association’s initiative is helping spread that message to legislators, Wall Street analysts, consumers, the media, trade associations, school career counselors and auto care market industry leaders and employees. The industry knows that it was green before green was cool. Help us tell our compelling auto care market green story, and proactively address the contention that the industry is relatively unknown, misunderstood and under-appreciated.

This is an ongoing effort on behalf of the entire industry, and we encourage all auto care industry companies to share their green stories with us. If you’d like to participate in the program, please contact Rich White.

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