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Ambassador Spotlight: Cliff Hovis
Auto Care honors members whose actions demonstrate a commitment to advocacy by inducting them into the Auto Care Ambassador program. One of the members that joined this group was Cliff Hovis of Hovis, …
Standardized Vehicle Communication Systems are Critical to Ensure Zero Emission Vehicles are Efficient and Allow Consumer Choice
The impact of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and electrification on the automotive aftermarket is a widely-covered topic. Adoption is driven by vehicle economics, availability of charging …
Meet a Staffer: Tod Moore
Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area primed Tod Moore for an interest in politics from a young age. “Almost everyone in my family has been involved in politics: from Capitol Hill, to state …
Candid Thoughts from Your Shops - An Interview with Kim Auernheimer, CS Automotive, Owner
Industry Profiles highlight automotive aftermarket award recipients and top talent featured here in exclusive interviews. Our interview today is with Kim Auernheimer, CS Automotive, Owner.
Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation Facility Tour
Rep. Tracey Mann, R-Kan.-1, visited Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation’s company headquarters, manufacturing site and distribution center in Emporia, Kan. as part of his Kansas manufacturing tour.
We’ve got you covered. Here’s how we provide our VCdb coverage.
The Auto Care Standards team has been asked by the subscriber community how we’re able to get the data into the Vehicle Configuration database (VCdb) at a faster pace year after year. The subscriber community …
Legislative Update
As future leaders, we need to keep up with legislation to know when to educate (1234yf), when to fight (Right to Repair), and how to discuss what’s next (electrification). Luckily, we have an industry …
Marketing Tips - I Get a Little Better Each Day
No one ever said marketing was easy or predictable. Given the rise of e-commerce and e-correspondence, we’re in front of our computers more than ever before. Below are 4 tried and tested marketing tools …
Meet a Staffer: Mike Tanner
Right to Repair, the Secure Vehicle Interface and ADAS calibration standards. I also enjoy creating and developing material for AAPEX that informs and engages our members.
Candid Thoughts from Your Shops - An Interview with Bill Nalu, Interstate Auto Care, Owner
Often times, we feel disconnected from the actual end user in the Aftermarket. It’s great to discuss real-world issues and try to come up with solutions, but that is pretty useless if we’re not interacting …
YANG Member Spotlight - An interview with Tony Mercury, Autoshop Solutions
Tony Mercury grew up with the Lamborghini Countach poster on his wall like many of us born in the 80s.
President’s Message: Preserving Today, Protecting Tomorrow
The myth of “it will slow down after AAPEX” continues to perpetuate within our industry and I hope that all of you are keeping up. As we begin our third year of challenges associated with the COVID-19 …