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Meet a Staffer: Daniel Zenko
Easily mistaken for the “world’s most interesting man,” Daniel Zenko, director, data innovation, brings a one-of-a-kind background with him to the Auto Care Association. Zenko joined the association in …
New Industry Indicators Suggest Trend Toward Stability
With the nation in the swing of Fall, it appears that some of the things we wondered about in the summer are being resolved, at least for now. Working on site (offices, manufacturing and warehouses, …
“Finishing the Fight” Amidst Continued Uncertainty of COVID
About a year ago, the Metro DC area became enraptured with the Washington Nationals’ rise from seeming doom earlier in the season. “Finish the Fight” became the rally cry across the DMV.
Aftermarket Trends in China Amidst COVID-19
In this issue, we turn our attention to China. As the world’s second largest economy, and one that has demonstrated rapid economic growth in recent decades, we conferred with Haisheng Chen, Chief Editor …
Meet a Staffer: Michael Chung
As the director of Market Intelligence, Chung leads the association’s market research and is charged with bringing relevant insights to its members. “Our goal is to be recognized as the thought leader …
Signs of Another Challenging Spell for the Auto Care Industry and Economy at Large
We at the Auto Care Association hope that you and your families, loved ones, and colleagues enjoyed the recent holiday weekend and are doing well. This edition of Market Insights highlights recent trends …
COVID-19 Disrupting Supply Chains for Half of Auto Care Industry; Legal Considerations for Operations
Since the onset of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, one question hanging over the industry and the economy has been, “Where is the bottom?” Over the past few weeks, it appears that the lowest level …
Updated Macroeconomic and Impact Trends
As the industry has watched automotive travel stats, we have been keeping an eye on other economic indicators. It’s hard not to compare current indicators to the Great Recession of 2008. We have learned …
Pandemic Impact and Outlook on the Auto Care Industry
In our inaugural piece, we highlighted trends in vehicle miles driven and launched a survey to learn about the impact of COVID-19 on the aftermarket. Survey results are highlighted below ( click here …
Recent Trends in Vehicle Miles Driven During COVID-19
With millions of Americans working from home due to office and school closures, many in the industry are wondering about vehicle miles travelled (VMT) statistics – and rightly so! VMT statistics are correlated …
Meet a Staffer: Frank Feng
What began as a career in electrical engineering for Frank Feng quickly turned into an unexpected and newfound passion for computer science during his first internship. Fast forward to his career at the …
Meet a Staffer: Todd Finnerty
An avid passion for cars and the automotive world is how Todd Finnerty happened upon the Auto Care Association back in 2016. “I was looking up zoning laws in the area to find out the rules for doing automotive …