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USTR Starts Next Phase of Four-Year Review; Continue Sharing the Impact of Section 301 Tariffs on Your Business
USTR announced that it is seeking comments as part of the next phase of the four-year (“necessity review”) process of the Section 301 tariffs on imports from China regarding the effectiveness in achieving …
USITC to Investigate Effects of Active Section 301 and 232 Tariffs on U.S. Industries
The United States International Trade Commission (USTIC) is undertaking a factfinding investigation of the economic impacts on U.S. industries of Section 301 tariffs on imports from China and Section 232 …
USTR Announces Four-Year Review Process of China 301 Tariffs
USTR issued a notice on May 3 commencing the statutory process required leading up to the four-year anniversaries of the Section 301 tariffs on List 1 and List 2 imports from China.
Court Ruling in List 3 and 4A China Tariffs Litigation
U.S. Court of International Trade issues decision in China tariffs lawsuit, declining to vacate Lists 3 and 4A tariffs but requiring USTR to provide an explanation for imposing tariffs.
USTR Reinstates 352 Section 301 China Tariff Exclusions
On Mar. 23, 2022, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced the reinstatement of 352 tariff exclusions under the Section 301 investigation on imports from China. The reinstated product exclusions …
Auto Care Association Urges USTR to Adopt Comprehensive 301 Exclusion Process
The Auto Care Association is urging U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Tai, to establish a comprehensive exclusion process and to broaden the scope of products eligible for Section 301 tariff …