Young Automotive Network Group

Leading The Uncertainty of Change: Executing on What Matters

May 21, 2022
8:15 am–9:15 am

Learning Outcomes:

  • Navigate change successfully by using the Change Accelerator Model
  • Accelerate adoption of new changes by discovering the growth vs. fixed mindset
  • Improve concentration on your highest priorities and minimize distractions
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress on projects, objectives, and deadlines.
Eric Papp, a leader in effective workforces, delivers an inspiring keynote developed to encourage listeners to face any change head-on. This session embraces uncertainty, addresses the resistance experienced in a changing work environment, and provides new capabilities so audiences can reach higher levels of clarity. 
His strategies are proven to help employees adapt to new circumstances, courageously meet new challenges, and provide leadership to their internal teams and external clients. 
Providing your workforce with the tools they need to feel confident, Eric’s sessions leave audiences with an “I got this” attitude, as well as a model to help them embrace and accelerate through change. 
Eric is one of the top experts on effectiveness. He is the author of the Priority Planner and is consistently in the top 1% of time management trainers in the US.