Young Automotive Network Group

IGNITING INNOVATION: How To Be The Confident Innovator, Strong Leader Your Organization Needs To Win In This Competitive, Crowded and Ever-Changing Landscape

May 20, 2022
3:40 pm–4:55 pm

Change has always been a part of the business vocabulary, yet the times we are in have led to unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty. Yesterday’s leadership playbook will no longer suffice to deal with the new pressures, challenges and expectations facing us in the “next normal”. Today, the most important skill required for success and impact is your ability to innovate, adapt and harness change. In this high-energy, high-value session, Tamara will show leaders of all levels how to be the confident innovator and strong leader that is recognized for your ideas, ability to influence and the value you bring to the table every day.

By combining her 25 years of business experience with neuroscience, brain mechanics, and behavioral psychology, Tamara has made innovation tangible and accessible to all of us. Her proprietary assessment, The Innovation Quotient Edge, shows individuals the keys to unlock their innovative minds so they can perform at their peak, create breakthrough outcomes, and influence others. In this session, Tamara will show leaders how to bring out the best in themselves and those they lead, especially during uncertain times, by tapping the power of their innovative minds. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Leverage your unique style of innovation to step up and lead strong through uncertainty 
  • Overcome your 3 major internal resistors to change, that cause resistance, stress and push-back
  • Develop a practice of igniting innovation, increasing focus and minimizing distractions and disruptions
  • Create moments of innovation every day that adds up to create meaningful break-throughs
  • The keys to getting buy-in for your ideas, influencing others and creating meaningful traction forward