Young Automotive Network Group

Generation of Resiliency: How We Got Here and How We Continue to Kick A**

May 21, 2022
10:25 am–11:15 am

Us “under-40s” have been through a lot: recession, terrorism, war, a global pandemic, and record high and low economic activity. As a result, we’ve had to become resourceful and resilient to evolve and thrive throughout challenging times, in personal life as well as the workplace. 

Join Stacey Miller, senior director of communications, Auto Care Association for a social media studded journey through how the largest working generation (us!) have redefined success and utilized our unique life experience to make it all work. In this session, attendees will glean: 

  • Opportunities in the workforce and how to utilize their competitive advantage 
  • Tips to shed our generations "stereotypes”
  • A slight stomachache from laughing at the satirical look at our lives and how we cope