As a pillar of our community, mentoring continues to be a key focus. Our mentor relationships offer mentees the ability to draw on many years of experience right away, and for free! Having a source of motivation, support, encouragement and validation is critical to success. Your support helps us continue to leverage innovative digital tools to provide a structured framework for our mentoring relationships.

In 2021, Women in Auto Care expanded our mentoring program by partnering with MentorCity. This robust platform helps to ensure that mentors and mentees are matched based on personal goals and objectives, and helps to facilitate lasting and valuable relationships. With MentorCity members can:

  • Connect with peers: In MentorCity you can connect with others in the industry casually or engage more formally as part of the mentorship program.

  • Schedule meet-ups: Users can schedule meetings and host video chats directly in the platform and export calendar invites so you never miss a discussion.

  • Become a mentor or mentee: Join the mentorship program as either a mentor or mentee and utilize the platform's resources and prompts to keep you on track.

  • Mix and mingle: Grab a cocktail and connect for some conversation during our "Books and Bubbly" or Mentor Mixer online events. 

mentee benefits

  • Personalized development opportunity to address individual learning needs
  • Opportunity to develop new skills and expertise
  • Access to independent and objective perspectives
  • Enhanced confidence in dealing with challenges and issues
  • Enhanced networking opportunities
  • Goals setting and follow through
  • Clarity and career direction and advancement
  • Support during times of change and transition

mentor benefits

  • Expand perspective and learn new things
  • Support the industry by sharing your knowledge with a young professional
  • Build additional professional relationships
  • Develop and grow leadership and management skills
  • Invest in the future of the industry
  • Helping others and see them progress

participants are encouraged to refer a friend

 Mutually establish clear goals
 Meet monthly
 Connect at industry events
 Have FUN!
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