Young Automotive Network Group

The Story Behind the Leader: A Conversation with the 2023 Shop Owner of the Year

February 21, 2024
2:10 pm–2:30 pm

Female Shop Owner of the Year Award: Jessica Carrino, Owner, Sparks Tire & Auto
Moderator: Kathleen Callahan, Owner, Xpertech Auto Repair

This candid conversation will explore the 2023 Female Shop Owner of the Yea's leadership journey. Listen in as they share their "wins", challenges, opportunities, and lessons they've learned along the way. Walk awayt with new insights on impactful leadership as well as actionable ideas to apply in your own leadership story.

About the Female Shop Owner of the Year Award
This award is presented annually to an outstanding female shop owner who demonstrates role model behaviors, leadership and commitment to the advancement of women. Possible criteria include: Active Women in Auto Care Member, Shop Owner for at least 5 years and Active Auto Care Association Member.