Young Automotive Network Group

Strategic Self-Praise: Navigating the Nuances of Professional Bragging

February 21, 2024
4:15 pm–4:55 pm

While there’s nothing wrong with being humble and down to earth, there are times where you must speak up in your career. Giving your achievements, initiatives and accomplishments a voice can help advance your role, increase your influence and showcase talents other might not have known about if you didn’t speak up.

  • Why it’s important to speak up in your career;
  • How to give your accomplishments and talents a voice to advance your role;
  • Distinguishing the difference between elaborating not embellishing; and
  • Tools and Tips on how to brag about yourself gracefully

Hear all of this alongside real-life examples of outcomes from standing out to the right people as well as an opportunity to practice these new tops right away! Bragging rights are granted to all who attend!