Young Automotive Network Group

Lightning Talks: Tips & Tools for Making Technology Work for You

February 22, 2024
11:50 am–12:30 pm

  • Efficiently Running Your Life and Your Business by Dawnn Devereaux-Blyden, Divisional Human Resource Manager, AutoZone
  • Crafting Clarity with ChatGPT: A ‘Mad Libs’ Approach by Kirsten Zaremba, CMO, Loop Now
  • Top AI Tools to Boost Productivity by Lauren McCullough, Founder and CEO, Tromml
  • AI Headshots by Lisa Hebert, Business Analyst, Highline Warren
Join us for a dynamic and invigorating series of Lightning Talks, where speakers will dive into thought-provoking ideas and knowledge centered around harnessing the power of innovation and emerging technology. These fast-paced and high-energy sessions are designed to deliver impactful insights in a condensed timeframe, ensuring you walk away with practical takeaways and valuable resources