Young Automotive Network Group

Gaining Impactful Courage to Guide the Right Conversations

February 22, 2024
3:15 pm–4:00 pm

Impact Your Career by Showing Up Authentically with the Right Conversations

Having the right conversation can mean the difference between getting the promotion you deserve and being passed over by someone less qualified. It can impact how you show up and participate in decision making at meetings and in your career. You can even determine your long term value through the conversations you are able to initiate in your everyday activities.

How do we maintain and grow our respect and credibility in this ever-changing world of people dynamics? What is our responsibility today to initiate valuable conversations and keep it real? We will dig into how to start having the right conversations that will have an impact on innovation in your company and for your team.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Be vulnerable without being eaten by the coyote
  • Use a proven model for difficult feedback
  • Identify the signs of communication barriers that can get in your way
  • Get commitment with an up front contract in your negotiations
  • Set up Right Conversations with your “Must Haves”