March 25, 2022
10:45 am–11:30 am

Women, especially those in male-dominated industry, are frequently affected by the feelings of Imposter Syndrome. Even when we are fully supported in our roles and by our peers, we experience that never-ending doubt, which limits us both professionally and personally. Corporate culture historically has exacerbated the problem, particularly for women, contributing to psychological distress, increased self-doubt and persistent fears of failure.

While Imposter Syndrome is pervasive, it is seldom discussed openly. In this session, we will share techniques to recognize personal triggers that lead to the behavior and share techniques to combat burnout, uncertainty and beliefs of decreased success. We’ll work collaboratively to support one another in an open session with the goal of lessening the impact Impostor Syndrome has in our careers and personal lives. 

This session will explore the following:
  • Recognizing imposter syndrome in yourself and others
  • Challenging the biases and emphasize the positive
  • Changing your tone: you belong here
  • Developing a healthy response to failure and mistake-making
  • Setting boundaries 
  • Developing your network & support system
  • Ways to keep learning & growing