Who We Are

The Upholstery and Trim International Council is composed of manufacturers and distributors of interior and exterior fabrics for motor vehicle use.

What We Do

To educate, inform, serve and provide networking opportunities for companies that manufacture or distribute interior and exterior fabrics, associated hardware and products used in the repair or restoration of cars and trucks.


The Upholstery and Trim International Council offers a number of resources to assist your auto care company in improving your profits and bottom line. As a member, the Auto Care Association will:

  • The annual Auto Care Association Upholstery and Trim International Council Convention focuses on building relationships between the premier trim wholesalers and distributors in the industry.
  • The segment keeps you updated on industry trends, events, issues, news and profit opportunities.
  • Segment members have access to the leaders of the industry and suppliers, as well as segment-specific market intelligence studies and protection from regulatory and legislative actions by state and federal agencies.


UTIC Committee

  • Brian Joyner
    SEM Products, Inc.
  • Scott Ackaway
    R. J. Ackaway & Associates
  • Austin Davis
    The Swatchworks Inc.
  • Adam Faust
    Cahaba Textiles
  • Robert Manley
    Bry-Tech Distributors
  • Deric Nutter
    AFF | group
  • Karen Robison
    Wright Enterprises
  • Michael Scott
    Rex Pegg Fabrics, Inc.
  • Harry Tashdjian
    Veteran Company
  • Leah Jones
    UTIC Segment
    Staff Liaison