Young Automotive Network Group

What You Need to Know: 3 Technologies Disrupting the Collision Repair Industry

May 18, 2022
3:30 pm–4:50 pm

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), BEV’s (Battery Electric Vehicles) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are changing the collision industry forever. Listen in as a panel of industry experts present, discuss and debate how these three these technologies are disrupting the industry and what the industry needs to do to survive and thrive. Walk away with an understanding of how these technologies will impact your customers – and most importantly your business.

This session will be moderated by Frank Terlep, Founder & CEO, Auto Techcelerators, LLC. 

Panelists include:

  • George Lesniak, Autel
  • James Spears, Tractable
  • Niel Speetjens, I-CAR