Website: www.whisolutions.com
Email: sales@whisolutions.com
Sales - (914) 697-9400
Support - (914) 697-9301
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Company Description:

WHI Solutions, is an eBay Company that automates over $4.3 Billion in online parts ordering for wholesale and consumer sales. Nexpart is a parts selling technology platform including eCommerce and eCatalog that helps increase sales and reduce order processing costs.  WHI provides solutions across the supply chain.

Products and Services:

  • e-Commerce - eCommerce includes B2B portals, eBay Listing automation, B2C sites and integrations into the leading DMS/WMS/SMS platforms in the aftermarket, OE, and heavy duty industries.
  • e-Catalog - Nexpart's new B2B Catalog interface includes Type It, Find It features to speed up catalog look ups. Parts Buyers can also see the Top 40 parts failing on a specific vehicle to create upsell opportunities.
  • Business Intelligence
  • eBay Link - Nexpart eBay Link lists more parts on eBay than any other solution.
  • Integration Tools - eCatalog includes publishing manufacturer brand data into eCommerce and Point-of-Sale channels. We also offer catalogs that can be integrated into software and websites via API or punch out to our web-based Nexpart Counter Catalog (NCC) product.