Company Description:

Solenium Group has is the leading provider of Premium Software Solutions for the Parts Aftermarket, and is the chosen partner to many of the world’s premier brands.

The Solenium team includes some of the most experienced aftermarket data specialists and software developers serving the industry today. 

Products and Services:

The TALKING PICTURES software solution is the Industry's Most Advanced, Feature-Rich Catalog and Product Information Management System (PIM)

Rich Digital Content for your products Drives Business Success

  • Increase Sales
    • Talking Pictures allows you transform your 'data' into a very valuable asset through the addition of Rich Digital Content. Rich Digital Content sells products. This solution provides the very highest level of compliance with AutoCare's ACES and PIES standards. Talking Pictures allows you to consistently, regularly, and accurately publish your data to your customers, e-catalog companies, e-Commerce marketplaces, and throughout all of your other your distribution channels.
  • Minimize Product Returns
    • Accurate, descriptive product information will help the customer to buy the right part … the first time. Rich Digital Content sells the right products. Talking Pictures helps you to minimize the tremendous cost of dealing with with product returns.
  • Speed to Market
    • The Supply Chain can only be successful with a complimentary Data Supply Chain. The sooner your 'data' is available to your distribution channels, the sooner you'll realize your uptick in sales. The streamlined flow of Rich Digital Content is crucial to your business success.
  • Increase Productivity
    • Talking Pictures facilitates the creation and maintenance of Rich Content for products and applications with smart, rapid development dashboards and tools.
  • Improve Data Quality & Security, Eliminate Data Redundancy
    • Ensure that all of your product and application data is entered accurately into a single, central database that is fully secure and accessible by authorized users across departments and locations. Eliminate data silos and data redundancy with a single powerful, secure, corporate data repository serving the needs of all your staff and trading partners.
  • Reduce Costs
    • Manage the entire product lifecycle with a Talking Pictures, the Industry’s Most Advanced, Feature-Rich Catalog and Product Information Management System (PIM), designed to speed user adoption, prevent duplicated effort and minimize cost of ownership.