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Website: www.pricedex.com
Email: jeff.marshall@pricedex.com
Phone: (613) 341-9200, ext. 116
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Company Description:

Product Information Management solutions from Pricedex® enable companies to rapidly launch new products, and bring life to their overall product lines, by leveraging Product Master Data Management in a continuous, collaborative process to create replete, rich content to support and enhance customer and supplier relationships. 

From New Product Introduction, to Pricing Optimization, and Automated Publishing and Data Exchange with trading partners, more and more aftermarket companies are choosing the robust Pricedex technology and deep business expertise to increase sales, reduce returns, and increase profits, by ensuring the integrity of their product information in a controlled, governed environment.

Products and Services:

  • Auto PIM Pro™ - Pricedex' Flagship, Award-Winning PIM System for Automotive, Heavy Duty and Industrial Aftermarkets
  • PDM Catalog Explorer™ - Pricedex' Internal Catalog for Customer Support, Sales, Marketing and much more
  • PDM Web Explorer™ -  Pricedex' configurable Electronic Catalog  for stand-alone or e-Commerce use
  • Auto PIM Pro™ - Advanced Pricing Module for optimizing pricing and profitability across all sales and distribution channels
  • Pricedex®  Data Cleansing Services - Data Cleansing, Normalization and Product Coding for PCdb and VMRS