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Phone: (801) 542-0560
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Company Description:

OptiCat provides a “Network” of easy-to-use and secure product data capture, preparation, validation, distribution, and assessment programs designed to optimize suppliers' data and ensure its fast, secure distribution to the marketplace. These programs help suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors, reduce information processing costs and speed cataloging information to global markets in “near real time”. For data receivers, such as distributors and retailers, OptiCat’s services eliminate or reduce administrative efforts in the capture, correction, formatting and handling of data, including the availability of web services that provide the ultimate speed and flexibility in the receipt and use of available data. In addition, OptiCat’s range of “go to market” solutions include access to digital asset services including photography (still, in-action, 360), 3D Models & Animation and videos, eCommerce strategy support with access to over 90 eMarketplaces globally, and full featured branded online B2B selling catalogs with shopping cart and fulfillment services. OptiCat also maintains the fastest, most current industry-standard Online Parts Research Catalog at www.OptiCatonline.com (featuring attribute search), as well as its OptiCat Global Catalog (featuring worldwide data) and its Spanish Language, TecAlliance Mexico Catalog, both of these in cooperation with TecAlliance GmbH.  

OptiCat is the North America representative for TecAlliance global products, including the TecDoc catalogs, global web catalogs and Global/regional data, as well as JNPSoft’s PartCat, OE Data, ACES-to-TecDoc Bridge and other data management and distribution products.

All this means that when you join the OptiCat Network, you join a new “Partner” in making your data work for you, and always in the interests of, “Helping Everyone Sell More Parts!”

Products and Services:

  • Secure data repository for Aftermarket Suppliers, Data Receivers and Technology Providers
  • ACES and PIES data validation
  • Secure data distribution in multiple formats
  • Reduce costs by improving internal data management efficiencies
  • Increase speed to market by delivering data updates in near real time
  • eCommerce strategy support with access to over 90 eMarketplaces globally