JNPSoft Full RGB

Website: www.jnpsoft.com
Email: sales@jnpsoft.com
Phone: (514) 212-5564
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Company Description:
JNPSoft provides tools to help aftermarket auto part suppliers with the mapping, maintenance, development and publishing of their catalog data in formats such as Legacy, ACES, PIES, NAPA, web, pdf and more. Ultimately, our Cataloging Solutions – PartCat, Data Management, MyPartFinder, and combined team of developers and product managers – makes JNPSoft the leader in the market.

Products and Services:

  • PartCat - Industry leading PIM solution
  • Data Management Services
  • OE Data Research - US, Canada and Mexico light duty vehicles
  • MyPartFinder web catalog
  • Conversion services - ACES <> TecDoc