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Company Description:
Illumaware provides solutions for the automotive marketplace using an online, Software As A Service, model. Illumaware enables the authoring and delivery of clean and clear ACES and PIES files to the traditional aftermarket industry as well as channel  appropriate formats for eCommerce partners.

Products and Services:

  • Evokat Premier - Easy to use tools and services to support the authoring, validation, and reporting of product and fitment information via an online interface.
  • Evokat Premier - Evokat supports the full VCdb, including South America, enabling you to expand your coverage to the full extent ACA allows.
  • Evokat Premier - Our already robust set of reports allows generation of multiple fitment and product information formats continues to grow every day, including a direct link to Channel Advisor to leverage their eCommerce network.
  • MyCarParts - A custom branded eCatalog service, available for free with an Evokat subscription, presents the most up to date picture of your fitment and product data possible.
  • ACES 2 Print -  Optional PDF Buyers Guides and Application Guides avalible from your Evokat report library. Downloadable and reusable as often as you wish. 
  • eCommerce Catalog Research - Fitment research data provided by Evokat's  sister platform, myFitment, provides insight into additional fitment opportunities based on interchange data.
  • Brand Data Direct -  Sell on ~100 online major marketplaces.  Own and control your brand online with our partners at ChannelAdvisor.
  • MyFitment - Illumaware's sister platform provides eCommerce targeted support and benefits for  those looking to sell online, especially via eBay and Amazon.
  • Kit Builder - Evokat's Kit Builder function allows our partners to quickly and easily identify common fitment across established kits and to group items into new kits to fit targeted applications.