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Website: www.gcommerceinc.com
Email: Sales@gcommerceinc.com
Phone: (515) 288-5850
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Company Description:
GCommerce operates the largest electronic messaging and e-commerce network in the vehicular aftermarket. Every day GCommerce connects over 1,200 manufacturer/suppliers with 600 retailer/distributors and drives commerce with over three million transactions exchanged monthly. The Commerce Bridge from GCommerce is a unified suite of products and services that fully enables end-to-end e-commerce in the distribution supply chain. Electronic Messaging, Supply Chain Visibility, eCommerce Fulfillment & Shipping, Product Content, Online Commerce, and Business Analytics - all of the elements to successfully compete and win in the age of digital distribution are part of the Commerce Bridge.

Products and Services:

  • Electronic Messaging of  EDI transactions, inventory data and PIES content
  • Virtual supply chain visibility to suppliers for drop ship orders
  • e-Commerce Fulfillment and Shipping Management
  • Integration of Marketplace sellers (Amazon, Walmart, New Egg, etc) with distribution partners and brands
  • Integration and synchronization of inventory data and product content
  • Product Content library for PBES industry