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About the Award

This category is intended to recognize excellent source data. This is separate from the “Receiver’s Choice Award.” Each submission will be one ACES xml file (and its matching PIES xml file) that contains a single brand. This award judges ACES and PIES files on a variety of criteria that ACPN deems as essential when creating best in class ACES and PIES data. Please see the judging guidelines for this award for more details. All submissions should be made directly to the data assessment partner as indicated on the entry form. The data assessment partner will sign a non-disclosure agreement if the submitter deems it necessary.

Company Eligibility 

  • Company Type: Manufacturer/Remanufacturer
  • Company Membership: Auto Care Association member in good standing
  • Subscription Status: Must have active VCdb, Qdb and PAdb subscriptions.

To check your subscription status, please contact To purchase a subscription, please visit our subscriptions page.

Award Format


(10,000 – 49,999 applications)


(50,000 – 250,000 applications)


(Over 250,000 applications)

Gold Only (3 Total) – Per ACES application-count bracket


Each year, the ACPN Committee will select a data assessment partner, who will judge the ACES and PIES data files, utilizing the pre-defined judging guidelines outlined in this document. The data assessment partner will report the scoring results to the ACPN committee for final winner selection.

2022 Data Assessment Partner

APA Engineering


Submission Requirements

  1. Each parent company may submit one entry per ACES application-count bracket.
  2. At least one representative from the submitting company must be present at the Knowledge Exchange Conference to accept the award in the event that the company is selected as an award recipient. If there is no representative present, the company will be restricted from submitting for any awards the following year.
  3. Entries must be received in full by the deadline (Entry Form, Participant Release Form, ACES and PIES Files)


For questions about this specific award, please contact ACPN Committee Member:
Courtney Pedler


Judging Guidelines

The following judging guidelines are utilized to judge ACES and PIES XML files submitted by ACPN members for the content excellence awards presented at the annual Knowledge Exchange Conference.

Each submission must pass the eligibility criteria first in order to be considered for further judging. If a submission passes the eligibility criteria, the submission will then be evaluated in nine general areas using the judging criteria outlined below. The judging partner then provides the ACPN Committee the results of the nine general area judging criteria for each submission. The ACPN Committee then determines a total score for each submission by using weighted percentages for each general area judging criteria. The ACES and PIES xml file with the highest score is considered the winner. In the case of a tie, the contenders will be re-examined to arrive at a subjective assessment of appropriate levels of over-mapping, effective use of the Qdb, appropriate use of the Note and MfrLabel tags, and effective use of the PAdb.


Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met 100% for both submitted ACES and PIES XML files to be considered for judging. For example, if one criterion is not met in one of the files, the whole submission fails, and will not be considered for further judging.

  1. Each submission will be one ACES XML file (and its matching PIES XML file) containing a single brand.
  2. Both ACES and PIES XML files must be a file produced for a trading partner
  3. Both ACES and PIES XML files must pass XSD validations
  4. The submitted ACES XML file must be versions 4.0 or newer
  5. The submitted PIES XML file must be versions 7.0 or newer
  6. Both ACES and PIES XML files must utilize July 2021 or newer published database versions (VCdb, Qdb, PCdb, PAdb)
  7. The submitted ACES file must use Qdb qualifiers partially or fully.
    • (If the ACES file does not use both Qdb and Fitment Notes, the file passes)
  8. *NEW* The submitted PIES file must use PAdb attributes partially or fully.
Judging Criteria

If both the ACES and PIES XML files pass the “Eligibility Criteria” listed to the left, the XML files will then be judged on the following judging criteria for award consideration.

WeightData StandardCriteria
15%ACESApplications are invalid VCdb coded configurations free
20%ACESApplications are overlap free
5%ACESApplications are duplicate free
15%ACESQdb Level of Usage
10%ACES and PIESAll part numbers in the ACES file are present in the PIES file

*NEW* All part numbers have an Asset Type of (P04) Photo - Primary.

  • Can be found in either the Digital Asset Sub-Segment of Market Copy (MKDA) and/or Digital Asset Segment (ASST)

*NEW* All part numbers have both Marketing Description (MKT) and Feature and Benefits (FAB) text

  • Marketing Description (MKT) is found in the Description Segment (DESC)
  • Feature and Benefit (FAB) can either be found in the Market Copy Segment (MKTC) and/or Description Segment (DESC)
10%PIES*NEW* PAdb Level of Usage
10%PIESAll part numbers have Package Segment content


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past winners

Each award-winning company is eligible to use the ACPN Content Excellence logo on company literature, mobile apps and websites. Contact for image files.

2022 Winners

Gold (Small)

Continental Corporation

Gold (Medium)

Continental Corporation

Gold (Large)


2021 Winners
  • Gold - Small - NTN Bearing Corporation of America
  • Gold - Medium - Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.
  • Gold - Large - DMA Sales, LLC
2020 Winners
  • Gold - Small - CARDONE Industries, Inc.
  • Gold - Medium - CARDONE Industries, Inc.
  • Gold - Large - Delphi
2019 Winners
  • Gold - Small - CARDONE Industries, Inc.
  • Gold - Medium - Tenneco, Inc
  • Gold - Large - CARDONE Industries, Inc.
2018 Winners
  • Gold - Small - VDO
  • Gold - Medium - Moog
  • Gold - Large - Bilstein