May 17, 2021
3:00 pm–3:25 pm

How Headless Data Strategy Gets You Prepared for the Future

Deploying a headless data strategy prepares your data management process to serve any sales channel. Staying channel-agnostic (headless) and complying with industry standards, receiver standards, and internal requirements assures the biggest ROI for your data management. This session will give an overview of how to achieve a headless data strategy revolving around the ACES/PIES standards at its core, including:

  • A basic understanding of a headless data strategy;
  • The key components of a headless data strategy; 
  • Why it is important for both suppliers and resellers to adopt this type of strategy; and
  • How this strategy will build the foundation for product data management in the future 
Attendees will walk away with:
  • An understanding of headless data strategy and why it is important; 
  • How to maximize the value of product data management; and
  • Ways to get set up for the future and reduce redundancy in data management