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Join our automotive aftermarket association to unlock access to a host of benefits and resources, including networking, research, technology and advocacy on your behalf to help your business thrive.

Your company is eligible for Auto Care Association membership if you are engaged in the manufacturing, supplying, distribution or sale and service of parts and supplies for the auto care industry, or in providing management, media, marketing or other business services to the auto care industry.

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Top reasons to become a member:

All of the above receive discounted rates if you’re an Auto Care Association member!

When you join the Auto Care Association, you automatically receive access to all of the industry-wide benefits the Association has to offer.   
Auto Care Association’s members are diverse and represent many different product lines and areas of expertise within the auto care industry. As an added benefit to your membership, choose to be part of a more specific community within the Auto Care Association. Communities have their own governance, committee representation and unique issues and interests, and several communities sponsor their own conferences and events. The first community (if desired) is included in the base membership dues at no cost. Additional communities may be added as  Plus Memberships for only $400 each. 

For more information contact  Auto Care Association member services or 301-654-6664. 


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