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The following is a list with links to official resources including safety guidelines, resources, and contacts from the association as well as trusted authorities.

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    • Market Insights with Mike is a new series presented by the Auto Care Association dedicated to analyzing market influencing trends as they happen and their potential effects on your business and the auto care industry. We are keeping a close eye on these statistics and other market trends through our TrendLens™ platform and are interested in hearing how your business is navigating the current state of affairs. You can help by taking this 3-minute survey on the impact. Stay tuned for periodic updates on these topics, and we’ll share best practices and perspectives from our members to keep you informed and to facilitate discussions. Look for results from the survey as well as a host of interactive industry and economic indicators coming soon on TrendLens.

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    The Auto Care Association is working tirelessly on the Federal, State and local level to educate officials on how COVID-19 impacts the auto care industry and why our supply chain should be considered “essential” and remain open for business during this pandemic. The following links provide summaries of current federal and state response efforts as well as joint advocacy letters that the Auto Care Association has signed onto with other trade associations impacted by COVID-19. We will continue to update this section with the latest related government guidance and legislation.

  • The Auto Care Association is offering a series of webinars to cover the latest COVID-19 information to the industry. Upcoming webinars will be posted here and shared with members via e-alerts as soon as they are announced.


    Emerging Opportunities in an Accelerated Period of Disruption

    Join the Auto Care Association and Bill Russo, Founder & CEO of Automobility, ltd. and AmCham Shanghai’s Automotive Committee Chair on Thursday, May 28th from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. EDT for the second webinar in this three-part series. The first webinar addressed the impact of COVID-19 on China’s automotive industry and the global automotive supply chain, and highlighted opportunities in the “new normal” emerging from the shift in consumption patterns from offline to online. For the remainder of the series, an in-depth analysis of how this shift will impact the automotive aftermarket business model from both the demand and supply perspective will be provided. Next up, a deep dive into the demand perspective.



    Impact of COVID-19 on the Heavy Duty Marketplace


    Impact of COVID-19 on China’s Automotive Industry and Global Supply Chain


    COVID-19: Industry Data Resources and Implications


    Guide to COVID-19 Loans for Small Businesses


    Understanding COVID-19 Employee Leave Requirements And Unemployment Expansion


    Virtual Town Hall: COVID-19 and the Auto Care Industry as an “Essential Service"



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    The information set forth in these FAQs is intended to provide a high level summary of the current COVID-19 relief legislation. You should work with your finanicial and legal advisors to determine eligibility or applicability to your business.

    + Will there be an AAPEX in 2020?
    + Is there government assistance to pay wages for employees?
    + Will the government reimburse for leave paid to employees?
    + What loans are available to help support businesses during this crisis?
    + Where can I locate a summary of the new leave requirements mandated by federal COVID-19 legislation?
    + What flexibilities do businesses with fewer than 50 persons have with respect to the Family Medical Leave Act and sick leave provisions?
    + What unemployment insurance benefits have been extended during this COVID-19 pandemic?
    + What extra steps should technicians take when entering a customer's vehicle to ensure their safety?
    + How can we ensure the health of our employees in production, warehouse, shops?
    + Have auto repair shops, distributors, and manufacturers been deemed "essential businesses" that are allowed to continue to operate?
    + Is there a concern that our "essential business" status may change?
    + Do my employees need to carry a letter with them stating that they are an employee at an essential business? Where can I get a sample letter?
    + Are technicians considered essential workers?
    + Are corporate offices of these operations considered essential?
    + What do I do if the governors executive order is vague but seems to indicate auto repair and related services are essential and it doesn’t specifically say that, but we are shut down?
    + Does "essential service" include cosmetic auto repair?
    + Do we have to register as an essential business with our state?
    + Where can I learn if my state has deemed auto repair an "essential business"?
    + Has the federal government declaired auto repair an "essential business"?
    + Does a shelter in place order mean I have to shut down?
    + What if my business is closed due by a municipal, tribal or executive order, and then the state issues an executive order from the governor?
    + How do I operate if my business spans multiple states and workers have to travel between locations?
    + What is Auto Care doing to represent the interest of member businesses before the government agencies issuing these orders?
    + Do we know how COVID-19 is impacting our supply chain? Bow with respect to imported and domestic parts?
    + With major accounts idle, how is that impacting demand for parts and service?
    + Have field sales and training teams been pulled or are they contiuing to support shops using social distancing?
    + Are there any updates on the request to suspend tariffs at this time?
    + What is the status of product arriving from Europe and Asia?
    + Who should members contact if they want to help state/local public health efforts through donations or deliveries?

    Is COVID-19 affecting your business? Email with your industry segment and story to help us understand the impact and how we might be able to help.

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