The Auto Care Association has been at the forefront of lobbying for small business healthcare reform for many years. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, our efforts have shifted to repealing the most onerous provisions of the ACA. Aligning with like-minded associations through membership in the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Health Care (SBCAH), the business community was able to obtain the repeal by Congress of the overly burdensome 1099-reporting provision. 

While significant portions of the ACA were delayed during the Obama administration, including the employer mandate and various taxes, Auto Care has continued to support full repeal of these provisions. Over 80 percent of the fully-insured market is made up of small businesses who were (and still are) counting on significant improvements to healthcare.

Employers were already feeling the effects of the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) in 2016, but got a one-year reprieve when the provision was rescinded for a year as part of the budget deal at the end of 2015. This tax was written into the ACA strictly as a revenue-raiser, and although the HIT applies to the insurance carriers, it became a pass-through that will add $400-500 annually to family premiums.

The association, through its membership and participation in the ACA Reporting Task Force, lobbied for H.R. 2712, the Commonsense Reporting and Verification Act, in the 114th Congress. The bill would have created a voluntary prospective reporting system, streamlined the reporting process and modernized the transmission of information to individuals. Efforts continue to make sure that this ACA “fix” is included in any major healthcare initiatives.

The association is also working with the regulatory agencies to ensure that future reforms to the ACA follow guidelines that keep affordability as a priority.

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