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Today's consumer can do almost anything online - watch movies, pay bills and shop for everything - including auto parts. Businesses are interacting digitally too. The trend of buying aftermarket products online is increasing and the auto care industry must upgrade its capabilities to win on the online super-highway.

To help the industry develop winning strategies, the Auto Care Association has compiled a new arsenal of original research, Disruptive Trends Shaping the Future of the Auto Care Industry: E-Tailing 2018, which provides a deep dive into how DIY and DIFM customers shop and what factors determine their behaviors. It details e-commerce penetration by product category, implications and potential strategies, as well as case studies from similar industries that have innovated and grew their businesses with faced with a similar situation. The research also covers key digital disruptors that are projected to create a $30 billion opportunity by 2030 and transform the aftermarket - and your business. 

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In conjunction with this research, Auto Care Association is hosting free, invite-only* roundtables for select companies to learn winning strategies from case studies of other companies that have successfully adapted to digital disruption. McKinsey will bring in research and perspectives on the topic and facilitate a discussion on the implications and path forward. 

 Sample 1/2 Day Agenda *Subject to Change
  • Why you need to take action to take advantage of e-commerce and digital mega-trends
  • How consumer preferences for vehicles and shopping are changing, and where e-commerce, omni-channel retail, and supply chain 4.0 will be necessary
  • Challenges that are limiting the aftermarket industry from taking advantage of change—including capital, supply chain, and tech
  • Changes required to overcome the challenges—including talent, partnerships, and tech like analytics, AI, and machine learning
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