Auto Care Factbook 2018

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The Auto Care Association has released its industry-leading online publications, the Digital Auto Care Factbook 2018 and the Digital Auto Care Factbook & Lang Annual 2018.

In this 27th edition, readers will find:

  • An updated summary of “Key Economic Indicators 2013-2017” by Northwood University;
  • New! An extended Industry Forecast through 2020 by IHS Markit;
  • An updated Program and Retail Distribution Summary by Babcox Media;
  • An updated “Global Automotive Aftermarket Review” by Jefferies,
  • New! Updated profiles for DIY-DIFM Consumers, and Replacement Rates by IMR
  • New! Insights into Delayed Maintenance, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC Telematics) by IMR
  • Updated U.S. New and Total Vehicle Registrations by IHS Markit;
  • An updated Hybrid Vehicles Summary by IHS Markit
  • Updated “U. S. and Global Aftermarket Dynamics” by Northwood University;
  • Updated Global Registration summary by IHS Markit;
  • An update on the Canadian Automotive Aftermarket recap by DesRosiers, and
  • New! overview of two new reports on Mexico and China.


Digital Auto Care Factbook 2018 (item #75071) 

Factbook 2018 regThe award-winning Digital Auto Care Factbook provides a comprehensive overview of the entire auto care industry and includes many enhanced features such as downloadable charts, tables and graphs, live embedded hyperlinks and bookmarks. Auto Care Association member primary contacts are supplied a free copy of the Digital Auto Care Factbook via email annually. If you are the primary contact of a member organization and have not received your copy, please contact member services at 301-654-6664.  

Table of Contents

The Digital Auto Care Factbook contains: 

  • Key economic indicators.
  • Channel Forecast Model. 
  • Financial profiles, acquisition and merger activities. 
  • DIY consumer and vehicle demographics.
  • Replacement rates for motor vehicle parts and jobs.  
  • Information on key auto care segments. 
  • U.S. motor vehicle registrations, operating costs and miles traveled.
  • State summary statistics.
  • Global economic and automotive data including vehicle registrations by country.
  • U.S. trade data for selected motor vehicle products and top ranked import – export countries.
  • Information on the Canadian, Mexican and Chinese auto care industries. 

Printed Auto Care Factbook 2018  (item #75071-1) 

Factbook 2018 printedTo supplement your Digital Factbook, the Auto Care Association is making additional print copies of the Factbook available. The printed version is full-color, spiral bound with easy-to-turn pages. Additional "bundle" savings are available. For "bundle" pricing, please contact market intelligence at 301-654-6664.  

Digital Auto Care Factbook and Lang Annual (item #75072)   

Factbook 2018 langThe only publication of its kind, this report includes the Auto Care Factbook plus the Lang Aftermarket Annual. This digital version includes data on light vehicle sales volume for 80 key aftermarket product categories, sales percentage growth, light vehicle product growth and much more. Upon purchasing the Auto Care Factbook & Lang Annual, you will receive email notification, sign-in information and an exclusive URL link to access the publication from Auto Care Association within the next business day. If you have any questions, please contact market intelligence at 301-654-6664.  

Table of Contents

The Lang Annual section contains: 

  • Sales volume analysis of 80 key products.
  • Service market product volume by major type of service outlet.
  • DIY product volume by major type of retail outlet.
  • Number of jobbers in the U.S. and by geographic area.
  • Distribution analysis by five major channels. 
  • Changes in vehicle mix.
  • Bay population by major service outlet groups.
  • Analysis of growth by major auto care segment:
    • Service market.
    • DIY market.
    • Domestic vehicle market. 
    • Foreign vehicle market. 
    • Distribution channels. 
    • Vehicle type.
  • Forecasts of key auto care trends, including:
    • Domestic and foreign share of light vehicles. 
    • Average age of foreign and domestic light vehicles.
  • Share