Tamara Ghandour

Photo of Tamara Ghandour
Everyday Innovator, Business Owner & Change Leader

At the forefront of human-centered innovation, the impact of Tamara Ghandour’s groundbreaking work can be seen in individuals and teams across the globe. Bringing together over two decades of business experience, neuroscience, behavioral psychology and change principles, Tamara created the first tools to truly make innovation tangible and accessible to all of us. Through her proprietary assessment, the Innovation Quotient Edge™ (IQE), her book Innovation is Everybody’s Business, and her global digital magazine - Everyday Innovators, Tamara helps leaders and teams discover the keys to unlocking their innovative minds to get into a state of flow, create meaningful breakthroughs, have stronger, more valued voices and build high-performing, high-value teams that innovate and win, together. 

You can listen to interviews with Everyday Innovators of all backgrounds and experiences on her top-rated podcast, With Tamara Ghandour. 

When companies like Procter & Gamble, Red Robin, Arrow Electronics, US Army Research Labs, Schneider Electric and Disney want to develop innovative people and ideas, they call Tamara. She has run multi-million dollar businesses and launched a few of her own, learning from her successes and most importantly, her failures. 

One of her greatest passions is working with at-risk and underserved youth through FYR - Forging Youth Resilience as a mentor, Crossfit coach and board member. 

Tamara is a Crossfit addict, ameatuer crime sleuth, average cook, and as a kid in computer camp she won the “I’ll Try Anything Once’ award - a motto she still lives by. 

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