Erin Stafford

Photo of Erin Stafford Keynote Speaker, Author
& Hyper-Growth Business Leader

Erin Stafford is a marketing guru, burnout survivor and hyper-growth business leader. From working with the world's highest achievers throughout her 20+ year career, being a Type A poster child herself and interviewing Olympians, start-up founders, Fortune 500 CEOs, leading researchers and celebrity coaches, Erin has seen firsthand how Type A personalities and constant over-achievement are coveted in the world of business yet can lead to debilitating burnout. Now, in addition to her current role as the head of marketing for the country's largest healthcare staffing company where she leads dozens of marketing professionals and helped the organization grow by 9x in two years, Erin has made it her mission to help leaders everywhere identify and break free from the Type A Trap so they can stay at peak performance for the long haul.