Denise Leleux

Photo of Denise Leleux CEO

Denise Laguens Leleux has built her career in customer experience and senior marketing management over three decades on two continents, serving in product, marketing, sales, account management, customer operations and P&L roles. She has managed B2C and B2B portfolios for Citibank, Visa, Barclaycard UK, Capital One, First Data and AvidXchange. Recent positions include senior-level oversight of customer experience for eBay Marketplaces in North America, Europe and emerging markets and directing the global customer/ownership experience for Tesla.

Ms. Leleux has long championed holistic customer experience and inclusive leadership through synthesizing data and the voice of the customer. At eBay, she directly managed five in-house locations and eight outsourced partners across 22 global locations. She also launched a global contact-optimization program that delivered over $20M in annualized cost savings by reducing one-on-one customer contacts by five percent. This program improved the eBay experience for millions of customers. Her 20+ years of direct leadership experience with teams as large as 10,000 has earned award-winning recognition.

Throughout her career, Ms. Leleux has advocated for innovation. She pioneered development of contactless payment in the United Kingdom, leading negotiations on behalf of Barclays UK with the London Underground to add “tap-and-go” payment capabilities to the Oyster card.  At eBay, she led an award-winning coaching program that elevated global customer service and launched an internal consulting service to help customers grow their businesses.  

Denise is now the CEO of Curbee, a do-it-for-you mobile car care service designed to make car care care-free for every car owner.

Denise Laguens Leleux is an inspiring, optimistic hands-on leader with a passion -- and knack -- for helping organizations solve large, complex customer experience problems.

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