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Auto Care Insider Weekly brings members the latest COVID-19 information and updates to help member businesses in addition to Auto Care Association news, opportunities and events.
May 18, 2020
The Auto Care Association's autocare.org/coronavirus webpage is being continuously updated to provide members with the most up-to-date information and resources on COVID-19.
Spring Leadership Days Stress Importance of Data in Decision Making
Data and partnership are the keys to keeping the industry moving forward as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present a new normal for businesses and everyday life. Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association, presented virtually last week to kick off the association’s Spring Leadership Days, which typically brings together hundreds of volunteers, association members and professional staff for several days of meetings aimed at discussing issues and initiatives currently affecting the membership and industry at large.
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Aftermarket Associations Oppose ‘Cash for Clunkers’
Major automotive aftermarket associations, including the Auto Care Association, Tire Industry Association and Service Station Dealers of American and Allied Trades, the Automotive Oil Change Association, and the Automotive Service Association, sent a letter to Congressional leaders in opposition of a new "Cash for Clunkers" type program from being included in the next COVID-19 stimulus legislation. 
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Webinar: Impact of COVID-19 on the Heavy Duty Marketplace
Join HDDA: Heavy Duty and Jason Morgan, editor, Fleet Equipment Magazine & Fleet Service Technology Magazine on Thursday, May 21 at 2 p.m. EDT for a webinar on the impact of COVID-19 in the heavy duty marketplace. This webinar will include an overview of the current impacts of COVID-19 on trucking and freight movement; the heavy duty original equipment and aftermarket supply chains; and projections for the future of the marketplace.
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Member Survey: COVID-19 Impact and Outlook
The Auto Care Association is keeping a close eye on current market trends through our TrendLens™ platform and is interested in hearing how your business is navigating the current state of affairs. You can help by taking this anonymous, quick, three-minute survey on the impact. Stay tuned for periodic updates on these topics, and we’ll share best practices and perspectives from our members to keep you informed and to facilitate discussions. Look for results from the survey as well as a host of interactive industry and economic indicators coming soon on TrendLens™.  
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Mexican Government Clarifies Agreement for Reopening of Transport Equipment Manufacturing Sectors
On Friday, May 15, the Mexican government issued a clarification to its May 14 agreement. The clarification allows newly designated essential sectors – manufacturing of transport equipment, mining and construction – to restart operations prior to June 1 if health security protocol processes have been established and approved before that date. It also establishes that if the protocols are not complied with, the companies or industries that put the health of their workers at risk will be closed.

The May 14 and May 15 announcements outline a three-phase process to reopen social, educational and economic activities based on a color code system by municipalities and bordering municipalities, dependent on the number of COVID-19 cases.
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New AD/CVD Petition on Tires
Last week, the United Steel Workers union (USW), representing the domestic industry, filed an antidumping (AD) petition on imports of passenger vehicle and light truck (PVLT) tires from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, and countervailing (CVD) duties on PVLT imports from Vietnam. The scope of these investigations are new pneumatic tires, of rubber, with a passenger vehicle or light truck size designation and may be tube-type, tubeless, radial or non-radial. A list of named foreign producers and U.S. importers can be found here. The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) and the U.S. Department of Commerce are conducting preliminary investigations. Of importance is the USITC’s preliminary vote scheduled for June 29, 2020, which will determine if the investigation moves into the final phase.
For additional information regarding the petition, please contact Angela Chiang.
Contact Angela Chiang
New Data: April 2020 Business Confidence Indices
Results of the April 2020 Business Confidence Index for April 2020 show that aftermarket business leaders had a "significantly less confident" outlook in the U.S. automotive aftermarket and the economy for the next 12 months, reports the Auto Care Association and Northwood University. 
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Most Aftermarket Businesses Already Have this Advantage During COVID-19
Companies that most effectively communicate product data will be best positioned to take advantage of the fastest growing segment of our marketplace. It’s a new world, one where we can’t predict how long curbside pickup and social distancing guidelines will apply. One constant to consider is that your customers and consumers will need access to your product data online. 
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Aftermarket Heroes: Sensata Technologies
Sensata teams across the world have rallied together to support orders from customers for brushless DC motors, voice coil actuators and pressure sensors for ventilator applications at a rate of eight to 10 times what the company would normally produce in a year. 
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How the Internet is Keeping Tabs on Your Every Move
Today’s cars are equipped with "telematics," monitoring technology that constantly sends vehicle performance and maintenance data—and much more—to the manufacturer via a wireless transmitter. Cars not only know how much we weigh, but also track how much weight we gain. Connect a phone to a car, and it knows whom we call and text. But who owns and, ultimately, controls the data? Drivers usually sign away their rights in a small-print clause buried in the purchase or lease agreement. (Adapted from Bill Hanvey's Op-Ed in the New York Times.)
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Submit Your Updates to the Auto Care Industry Events Calendar
Got any industry events on your radar? Reach out to us with any news or updates about industry events taking place so we can keep the Industry Events Calendar as up-to-date and accurate as possible for members.
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ACPN Announces 2020 Content Excellence Award Winners
The Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN), a community of the Auto Care Association, announced the recipients of its ACPN Content Excellence Awards at the 2020 Knowledge Exchange "Virtual" Conference. The annual awards recognize the best examples of electronic cataloging, product content and business to business systems in the vehicle aftermarket.
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NEW: Mentoring Toolkit Available Now
How do we hang onto our brightest young talent and prepare them to lead? Simple: Recruit more experienced employees to help teach and guide them. Not only can a mentoring program boost our bench strength for top jobs but people who learn more on the job are far less likely to quit. Learn more about the types and benefits of mentoring with the new Mentoring Toolkit resource on the Auto Care website.
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Replay: Import Vehicle Community's Bill Guinard  Lifetime Industry Achievement Award
The Import Vehicle Community presented the 2019 Bill Guinard Lifetime Industry Achievement Award to Mario B. Recchia, The Recchia Group, Inc. This award honors individuals whose outstanding performance, integrity, dignity and conscientious approach to business affairs are demonstrated as a matter of routine. 
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Why I Trust Auto Care
"One of the biggest assets we have here is the meeting of the minds... we all get better when we learn from one another," said Ashlee Arnold, Arnold Oil Company of Austin. From bolstering the industry’s profile and influence, to leading the way on emerging vehicle technologies; from fostering global growth to innovating supply chain efficiency and standards; your valuable membership ensures that your association can enable you and your industry to thrive. Don’t take it from us, however; listen to your peers explain!
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Nominations Open: 2020 Women of the Year Awards
The Women of the Year award recipients are recognized in three categories: Woman of the Year, Female Shop Owner of the Year and Woman of Excellence. Click on the link below and select the "Awards" tab to learn more, including eligibility and requirements. The deadline to submit nominations is June 26, 2020. 
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Latest: Jefferies Weekly Global Automotive Aftermarket Report
In this weekly report, we are now providing direct coverage on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aftermarket. This version includes a new miles driven index from Arity. This report also includes auto care industry stock performance, recent quarter sales growth and "What We are Hearing from the Road."
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