Patti Corso

Photo of Patti Corso Director, Data Management
Winhere Brake Parts, Inc

Patti is an accomplished business professional with 35+ years of experience (15 at a Fortune 500 company) in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry - Light, Medium, Heavy Duty.  Patti started her career in Heavy Duty, at a dealership, learned everything she could before moving onto the corporate arena and worked for Navistar.  There her learning experience continued to grow and she earned leadership opportunities as a Help Desk Manager, Warranty Manager and Aftermarket Catalog/ Ecommerce Manager working along side product managers and dealers creating catalogs and ecommerce storefronts.  Moving into Light Duty, with NTN for a few months before Winhere found her for the Catalog Team in which she now resides as Director, Data Management with her team creating ACES Catalog, PIES/PIM Data, Image Files and whatever else their customers need. 

Patti is a powerful force in the workplace and user her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard, stay focused and succeed.  In her free time, Patti likes to spend quality time with her pets, two children and her husband.

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