Lauren Beaulieu

Lauren Beaulieu_Photo Vice President, Professional Marketing
Advance Auto Parts

Lauren Beaulieu joined Advance Auto Parts in 2013 and has held her role as Vice President of Professional Marketing since 2018 leading professional marketing for Advance, CarQuest, WorldPac and Autopart International as well as leading the TechNet banner program. Recently, Lauren was honored by Women in Auto Care as the 2020 Woman of the Year for her leadership and mentorship within the auto care industry. She was featured in Aftermarket Business News representing Advance and their 2021 Future-Focused agenda. She was also recognized as one of the industry's Women at the Wheel by AMN in May of 2020. Previously, Lauren served as Director of Professional and Product Marketing for Advance and at Autopart International, in a variety of roles. Prior to Autopart International, she worked in a variety of positions with General Motors from 1996-2005.

Lauren is a champion of diversity and launched the first team member network at Advance in 2018.  The Women In Motion team member network (WIMN) is a community that creates opportunities for the women of Advance to grow professionally in an inclusive environment. The network of over 500 women and men advocates professional growth and enables mentorship opportunities. She has been an advocate for women in our industry by lending her voice when needed, opening the doors to opportunity, and supporting career growth and development. Lauren believes that the automotive aftermarket offers a multitude of rewarding career opportunities for women. She also feels the need to attract, retain, and promote smart, capable women who will help innovate and move the industry forward.

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