Jacqueline Rodriguez

Photo_J.Rodriguez Vice President, Marketing
Parts Authority

Jacqueline Rodriguez is a business executive who specializes in marketing initiatives for Parts Authority. She has procured a unique combination of marketing and sales competence that allows to over-deliver on revenue, growth, expansion and brand recognition.

Jacqueline launched her career in the automotive industry nearly 15 years ago as the receptionist at Metro Auto Parts where she fell in love with the automotive industry. Her motivation helped her climb the corporate ladder as she held a series of leadership roles in customer service, purchasing, pricing, sales and marketing. She subsequently developed a niche in marketing and has since dedicated the last 7 years of her career in the ever-changing marketing field. Rodriguez joined Parts Authority through the Metro acquisition in March 2016. As Vice President of Marketing, she leads the strategic planning, marketing promotions, corporate communication, and brand equity for Parts Authority.

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