Eric Lough

Eric Lough_2023 VP of Customer Connectivity
All Star Auto Parts

Eric Lough is a highly engaged and dedicated leader in the Automotive Aftermarket industry. With 17 years of experience, Eric has made significant contributions to organizations such as WHI Solutions/eBay, PartsTech, PDM Automotive, and FCP Euro, culminating in his current role Vice President of Customer Connectivity at All Star Auto Parts. Eric has a passion for developing digital products that improve the customer journey and connect people with the products they need. He enjoys leading and coaching people across the industry, and his dedication to driving change has led him to participate in the Auto Care ACPN Leadership Committee and the Auto Care Technology Standards Committee. Aside from his professional career, Eric believes in giving back to the community and dedicates his time to volunteering. His drive to improve the customer journey and develop the industry's future leaders is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Eric Lough is a dynamic leader with a passion for developing innovative products, leading and coaching people, and driving positive change in the Automotive Aftermarket industry.