When Business Values the Human Asset

Posted by Kathleen Schmatz on September 10, 2014

One of the most rewarding parts of the job of a trade association executive is when we have the opportunity to recognize the contributions of our members. I had that chance last week at our Fall Leadership Days in Boston, when more than 400 volunteer leaders and auto care industry professionals participated in 28 different meetings and events.


During the luncheon, the association recognized eight outstanding member companies for their continued investment in employee learning and skill and career development. They practice what many preach – the most valuable asset to a business is the human asset.


These companies were selected for the Head of the Class Award based on their dedication to their employee education and training programs. The award recipients serve as an example of what auto care industry companies can do to cultivate their staff, while at the same time raising the bar for the entire industry.


And there is a big payoff for the companies. The ROI is increased revenues, cost and waste reduction, increased employee engagement, pride and satisfaction, reduced turnover, and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Invest in your human asset and everybody wins!


And the winners are:

Gates Corporation, The Auto-Wares Group, Olympus Imported Auto Parts, Eau Claire Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, Sears Automotive, N.A. Williams Company and Don McNeill Enterprises Ltd.

2014 HOC Winners